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I'm tried to find those lyrics for a long time, but still get that chance. Anyway, here.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night OST - Heaven Norihiko Hibino Remix

Can't get my mind out of those memories...
Now time to tell them, "don't take my dream".
Still music keeps on turning me, from the words that hurt my soul,
Removing doubts from my mind...

I can't remember the smile that you gave to me...
I have no way to tell you, "don't walk away"...
Still sorrow keeps on tying me but my soul wants to get freed,
Let my heart loose from a chain...

Those long days passing by from that door.
Like late summers, they slowly fade away.
Finding ways through the favorite tune, playing all days with my eyes closed.

Those long days passing by from that door.
Like late summers, they slowly fade away.
Finding ways through the favorite tune, filling me with those sounds.

Русский перевод песни

Не могу убрать из своей головы, те воспоминания...
Теперь пора сказать им: «Не отнимайте мой сон».
И все же музыка продолжает поворачивать меня, от слов, которые причиняют боль моей душе,
Уберая все сомнения...

Я не могу вспомнить ту улыбку, которую ты мне подарила...
Теперь я не смогу сказать тебе, «не уходи»...
Все же печаль продолжает связывать меня, но моя душа хочет освободиться,
Позволяя моему сердцу освободиться от цепи...

Эти долгие дни проходят мимо этой двери.
Как и поздние лета, они медленно исчезают.
Поиск путей через любимую мелодию, играя целые дни с закрытыми глазами.

Эти долгие дни проходят мимо этой двери.
Как и поздние лета, они медленно исчезают.
Нахождение путей через любимую мелодию, наполняющую меня этими звуками.
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Alright, The Game Awards 2017 have shown many interesting trailers & reveals. Like Trailer from Legend himself - "Death Stranding" and of course, reveal of Soul Calibur VI (6).

Not gonna lie, i have some words to tell ya. Ya might agree or disagree. Alright, let's begin.
First things first, as what he said to all fans "Do your souls still burn?" i believe it's going to be a main word, for SC6, meme incoming! Whatever :XD: We going to get this game on PS4, XONE & Of course... "Sigh" PC. Can't believe it's going to happen... Well. we see how Mitsurugi is young & Sophitia is back too! For ppl who don't know her, she's a mother of Pyrrha & Patroklos. I believe story is going to be some kind of prequel, i'm judging by the look of the Mitsurugi. We also got some info about new system, it's called "Reversal Edge", Reversal Edge enables characters to clash against each other and follow-up with powerful counterattacks based on their opponent’s actions. Meaning also that we can parry and strike our opponent. Sounds interesting, let's wait for more details. I also believe we can expect at least 1 or maybe 2 guest characters. It's my opinion, cuz guest characters started to be a fashionable to many games. But no Noctis, sorry, he's already in Tekken 7, so, deal with it =)
More important, that we also will get newcomers. I'm expecting both veterans & newcomers. I'm also interested in detail about new feauters, story, customization & online system. I hope it will work well. Also, why i called a PC bad for SC6? All simple - NUDE MODS =_= Even now modders created only with nude chest in Tekken 7, which i'm not very pleased. Let's just say, that i'm expecting this game, and i'm of course hope at least that we will get very good mods. Game will appear in 2018, and it's good for us! Are you ready for this game? I can't wait =) and i'm waiting for more interesting news for the SC6! Alright guys, thanks for your time, and good morning!
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Simply as you watched! I did some work with Sadamitsu cheat codes. I can try to take all voices, though i also need to come back for Tekken 5 DR Interludes!
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Bayonetta X Dante Wallpaper by LaravsDoppelganger

No kidding! Hideki Kamiya, game designer and director of "Platinum Games" wants to make crossover with Devil May cry & Bayonetta. He wants to make the two of them kill monsters together. For more info, read this! -…

You probably will be surprised if it's truly happens. But let me know what you think? Is it good or bad or EXCELLENT?! =) Both Bayonetta & Devil May Cry are slashers genre games & it would be interesting to see them together!
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Well, it's not what i expected. I wanted for Kiryu. But Noctis is also fine. & damn! Lars & Noctis are friends O_O & i thought TMNT was weird in Injustice 2 :XD:
To be honest, i want to learn Noct & see his customization =)
Also i will say, FFXV is a good game, when i played it, it would be good for beginners players. It would be good to them to know universe of Final Fantasy slowly & steady! I know it from personal experience ^_~ I thought to do a reaction, but it's was not a good moment...
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I'm sure, you saw all kinds of videos with Rage Arts. But this one was made by me! Before you watch it, i'll tell you first, why you must watch.
If you ask me - I saw all Rage Arts, what kind of this video will show me? - I will tell you. Did you know that Lee and Violet have different lines during Rage Art? Did you saw Yoshimitsu's secret Rage Art? Or Did you saw Miguel's effects on robots? But that's not all of course! Video going 9 minutes, so you will see all kinds of secrets that Rage Arts hiding ^_~ Enjoy!

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Quiz Time Number 4 ANSWER by LarsJunFan

Are ya ready to find out who is it? A guy or a woman?


Or ya can vote here as well!

Alright! Good luck!
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Hello everyone! Recently with me happens something really... Stupid. Do you know a guy named Setnomessej? Alright, if someone from you familiar with him, that shouldn't be hard for me to explain what happened. Let's begin!
Do you remember my video?

Setnomessej & his followers are came here & started saying that i'm steal Setnomessej 3 years old work & ideas. I don't get a few things... What did i steal from him? About what ideas they are talking about? & which video i'm stealed from him? What "Stealing" means & what "Ideas" means? I will explain every detail & situation. So you could understand who's fault is here.

Hmm 3 by LarsJunFan

That guy saying all in my video is his ideas. Well, tell me if i'm wrong, but i didn't steal any of his videos. =\ I'm see that Setnomessej, his followers & I are understand differently what means "Ideas" & "Stealing". Let me clarify what means "Ideas". Ideas, It's when you create your own combo video, it's when you create a choreography or create parody & etc. But someone steal those ideas & make it his own. That is what "Stealing" means.
I'm maked this video by myself over few weeks. I'm searched every possible secrets that this game is hidding. But the funny moment is... Those secret moves are Setnomessej's ideas. His follower & him saying that. NO! It's not his ideas, never was - never will be, those secret moves were orginally created by Harada-san & his team. They've done it for Tekken Fans to found them & Setnomessej only found them, he have no real connection to those secret moves, he didn't work with Namco (Tekken Project). It's a content withing the game, not cuz "Someone" put it in game. Stealing ideas or showing secrets in the game are 2 different things. But that's not all. Look!

Hmm by LarsJunFan

Here he explains that i'm dumb about if i'm delete those messages. But the thing is... There is no such comment in my video. That's what i'm found.

Hmm 2 by LarsJunFan

He saying that i should rename to "Setnomessej videos redone". For what purpose? Just cuz TTT2 (Namco Bandai's game) have secrets created from Harada-san & his team i'm should rename it just cuz he said? Completely stupid =\ Also, 3 video's.


That's from where i steal his work, ideas & etc. First: i didn't stole his videos. Second: Ideas are not his, it's Harada's & his team only. & the third: I didn't knew about last video. I even didn't watch it. So, here's the question, how everything in those videos can be connected to mine?

No connection. I've made this video myself with my own hands. Few weeks hard work. So, here's the question. What differences between his video's & mine? Simple, i'm used PlayStation button configuration in my video so ppl would understand how this can be done. Ppl watched many video & they don't know how this can be done without knowing what button person must press? So here.

Remember, same situation can be happened with you. If you create a video where only showing game's content, but other person saying it's his ideas, don't listening to him. Just ignore this guy. Remember, the best man wins without a fight. Simply, ignoring is a best option.
I thought Setnomessej was a good guy. But looks like i'm was wrong this whole time =_= be careful friends! If something similar happens, you know what to do =)
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Alright, now i have next character! You need to answer which gender that kid is. Here! -  Quiz Time Number 3 ANSWER by LarsJunFan

A boy or a girl?

You need to vote here!…

Or you can vote here as well! Good luck! =)
This is it guys! All secrets i've been searching & found, but couldn't release it sooner. Well, now you can see all hidden moves from characters & some useful glitches, like Outside Stage, Jin's Omen Stance or Anna's Motion. I hope you will enjoy it! Good Morning!

Anyway, Lee approves this!

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Hello everyone! I was thinking about this TOP-5 Leo Arts long ago! Beautiful arts about Leo & her alone! I'm take most interesting pictures that i could find! It can be not just fanart, but also a cosplay! I hope you will enjoy it! Winner will take 1-st place for a beautiful art in my opinion! :D Alright! Let's begin!


Author: Strawberry-Pink05
Leo by Strawberry-Pink05

One of the good pose from T6! Very stylish & elegant! I can tell that Charlene made a great job! :D



Author: Kenshiro549
Leo Kliesen by Kenshiro549

Though Charlene is an original author of this model, Ken made it much better =) Here, Leo opened & not hesitates about herself. It's very stylish & beautiful! What can i say? WTG Ken! :D



Author: bryzunovrokks
Leo's Summer by bryzunovrokks

Well, it's very beautiful indeed! Not just bikini, but body as well! If you believe i'm going to take much lower picture, then you're wrong =) next Leo is really 100% good!



Author: I-S-Mast
Tekken - Leo by I-S-Mast

Very beautiful! Very fashionable! Very cute cosplay i've ever seen! I dunno much about this author, but as a cosplayer, she have a talent & potential! :D & now, for the winner's place! Enjoy!)))



Author: Bellaura
Tekken _ Leo 2 by Bellaura

Look at the smile! Look at the figure! Look how she's happy! :D This one gives a positive & sunny mood! ^_~ how can ya deny that? :D


Bellaura! Your work is really wonderful! I'm give ya that :D Maybe i will use other opportunity & create another TOP-5! But it's will be not soon =) Enjoy your 1-PLACE! :aww:
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Rules are simple.
have to post ALL the rules.
-Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED
-You have to finish in a week. If you don't finish in this time, you have to do whatever the creator asks :3 Or not, it's your choice.
-Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description
-You need to choose 5 songs which are suitable for your emotions. Only 5 Emotions requires, and only those.


-Let me show you how it's done. You put "Emotion" first, then add video and explain "why". You may say everything what comes in to your mind.


I'm calm, like a ninja, my mind is clear, and i am always very harmonious.



When i'm sad, everything is like that. That song shows how i'm feel pathetic when i'm offending someone.



When i'm angry, my mind filled with rage and fury. I'm going to destroy!



When my friends got into a trouble, i'm coming to rescue them and fight for the survival. I will never leave my friends behind.



My happy mood is like a river and flying butterflies. I'm very positive and i will share my positive mood with everyone! :D

-And last but not least part. You must TAG your friends! You need TAG only 10 or less friends, no need everyone get so worked up! But of course you have the right not continue, but know that i'm TAG you. If you don't have much of a friends, you may TAG me again! Good day!

:iconbellaura: :icontaitiii: :iconxkalipso: :iconshadowninjamaster: :iconspartanalexandra: :iconsabishikukage: :iconlegendarydragon90: :icondadooosweet: :iconalexthehedgelynx: :iconstrawberry-pink05:
This is YouTube mini-game i was thinking. I already have some ideas & i'm ready to release them. But i need some time to make it. I'm working also on VF5FS Funny Parody In Game, but i think this project will be great as well.
This one will be based on Persona & Tekken. My Project calls - Who are you in the universe of Tekken

There will be 4 Arcana Cards, choose 1 of them. After 3 times, you will see yourself, who are you might be in Tekken if you choose correct arcana acrds? That's the question. To make things comfortable, in this video, with you will talk a female person.

Now you know my ideas, i already working on this project to make it worth. See ya soon!
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I'm doing next poll. It's about game Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.
Ya can vote there -…

Or here as well.
What ya want to see? But hurry up! Poll will end in 7 days.
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Today i'm finally complete my project! Ppl which voted for project, can finally see it with theire own eyes)))…

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Ppl were voted for project i need to do! Their wish eventually will come true.…

Project is finished on 70% & there is good enough things i need to do. I will give some little extra in the end :D Here's promo video.

I hope ya are satisfied with the results =) wait some days ^_~ it's not like my TTT2 Funny Parody In Game video which i'm doing over 2 year)))
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Help me to decide a work i need to do. If ya have Twitter account, vote here -…

OR - Ya can vote here as well. Ya have 2 days, hurry up & help me choose!
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Yesterday i was in movie theater & that film was "Suicide Squad". Well, i have to tell alot about this movie! Definitely better than Batman V Superman. I'll try to explain little by little, examining the bones.

Well, let's begin.

Despite that fact, that i am DC fan, i really like this movie. Well, i could say, that movie was made on DC or comics audience. But it's more than just that. Ppl who wondering about this movie, should or shouldn't go? I'd say it's WORTH seen it! Believe me, ppl who out from movie theater, were same faces. Can't say it was a good or bad sight, but do not worry. You or gonna like this, or leave with simple face. Well, it's a win-win situation, you are not gonna be disappointed.

& now about the story.

Film was focused on Suicide Squad team. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang & others. I will not saying much about this film, or it will be spoilers. Deadshot pure sniper, never miss as always in every film, game or cartoon. Film was almost focused on Harley Quinn, you will understand why. Every member of Suicide Squad have their own meaning of life. Why they live, why they fight, why they doing it. They never refute that fact that they are villains, well, i could say in that night, they all were like anti-heroes. Few of them have, or was family & that will be their problem. I really like watching Harley Quinn X Joker, it was just like a passion, through love that filled with madness. Harley Quinn ready to die for her Mr. J. & Joker will follow her through the abiss. It was like true love of that maddnes couple. Like a King and the Queen. It was nice to watch. & Deadshot is not an exeption, he have a daughter that he truly loves & she loves her dad. She knew that her dad was killing ppl through contracts, but she still loves him, even if it means that her father is a killer. & about El Diablo, that guy was not ordinary human, & ppl watching this movie will like him. Film is truly filled with drama, & humor as well. Such combination made this film really worth. Lots of humor from Harley Quinn & others. & drama about their past. It's really something.

Here's my impression. Have a nice day =) & good morning!
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I'm surprised... First quiz have good results. But SECOND one. Heh, well... Here's your answer.…


Surprised? Well, her hame is Laura Pergolizzi.
Many ppl thought that would be male. But after hearing voice, anyone would doubt. She's pop/rock singer and songwriter. She have many songs. Though she's not that super famous as like Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie. But she have pretty good & classic songs. Do you doubt about gender? Well, don't judge book by its cover.
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It's been a while since i'm did this page)))

My fav chars))) :D

Even if there says in russian, it's still funny. (Wanna see translation? =))

My fav Persona 4 couple =) Damn... It was too long...

I'm still training XD

My new video where Tekken characters got in to Saints Row XD
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